About Us

BRAZIL SKILZ was founded in 1998 by Coach Nando DaSilva, CEO and director of training, who played professionally in Brazil. He is A (All level) licensed by the Brazilian Professional Soccer Coach Association and is certified by the National Soccer Coach Association of America. In addition to his impressive skills and wealth of knowledge, developed from years of playing soccer at the highest level, Coach Nando DaSilva is known for his unique coaching and training methods, as well as teaching techniques. The ability to teach is just as important for a trainer, as are his or her athletic skills.

Coach Nando DaSilva has demonstrated excellence as a teacher of young athletes. He has impressive communications skills and is multilingual, with proficiency in speaking, reading and writing in three languages: English, Portuguese and Spanish.

The Brazilian Style of training and playing has produced some of the world’s greatest soccer players and teams.

Our objective at BRAZIL SKILZ is to bring these techniques and skills here to help improve the way the game is taught and played in America.

Office Location:

BRAZIL SKILZ – Indoor Soccer/Futsal Training Facility

31166 Via Colinas, Westlake Village, CA 91362


Email: nando@brazilskilz.com