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Coach Nando Helps Make Local Soccer History

Coach Nando and the Malibu girls U-14 soccer teamIn 2008, Malibu girls’ U-14 soccer team went to the Area 10E tournament league playoffs and played five games to win first place out of other teams from Agoura Hills, Westlake, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Newbury Park and Moorpark.

This was the first time in local history that the U-14 Malibu girls’ division won the area playoffs. The team went to Bakersfield to play in the sectional area playoffs.

We like to Thank you to Coach Nando DaSilva, with his expertise and Knowledge in Training, Coaching young athletes.


“The improvement that my son has experienced in the 10 months under the guidance of Coach Nando is absolutely incredible. In just his first year of playing soccer, Jacob has gone from not being able dribble, pass or shoot to handling the ball with ease, passing with precision, dribbling the ball around defenders, feinting (scissors) and even some juggling.

“Coach Nando is a fantastic teacher who knows the game extremely well and is great with kids. I would (and always) highly recommend him to any parent that would like to see their child’s game progress to the next level.”

- Rob Brooks

“Nando DaSilva’s Brazil Skilz is the ideal place for developing soccer players to hone their skills. Nando’s methodical, fundamentals-focused approach has kids improving from the first lesson. My 8-year-old daughter has thrived under his personal and encouraging guidance and is more confidant on the ball than ever before. She has gone from tolerating soccer about an hour a week to playing three hours a week at Brazil Skilz alone, in addition to her team practice. Nando’s ability to instill a love of the game in his students is matched by his belief in teaching kids to master the fundamentals so they have a solid foundation upon which their skills can flourish. In a very short time, your sons or daughters (or both) will be doing things on the soccer field that will bring tears to your eyes. (Or maybe that’s just me.) This really is a great place to bring kids who want more from the game.”

- Mark Thorpe

“In all my years of playing and coaching the game of soccer I can only count a handful of people that I would consider the best. Nando Da Silva tops that list. I have not only used Nando for training my teams, he has coached my own daughter in preparation to play for high school. And he has done this with a great attitude and a smile that is permanently etched on his face.”

- Kam majd

“This soccer academy rocks!”

- Vinny

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